Anders Nørgaard Jensen

Attorney, partner
Anders Nørgaard Jensen
+45 2015 0217

Anders Nørgaard Jensen is a specialist in procurement law and, on a daily basis, he advises public authorities as well as private enterprises on all legal aspects relating to procurement law, including contract law, enterprise law, IT law, and administrative law. 


In addition to this, Anders Nørgaard Jensen advises both public authorities and private enterprises in dispute resolutions with Courts of Denmark (Danmarks Domstole), Danish Arbitration Board (Voldgiftsnævnet for byggeri og anlæg), and The Public Contracts Appeal Board (Klagenævnet for udbud).


To a great extent, Anders Nørgaard Jensen also gives lectures and seminars to clients within the field of public procurement. 


Anders Nørgaard Jensen also advises public purchasers and suppliers through the Procurement Hotline at PUBLICURE Law Firm.